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 Copic has been exclusively distributed in Australia and NZ for over 30 years by X-Press Graph-X Supplies P/L (

Copic markers were initially developed in Japan, in response to designer's needs for photocopy-safe markers and were launched in 1987 with an initial 71 colours.


 The Copic System

Copic now offers the largest and most versatile alcohol marker system in the world.

Copic offers 4 different marker types, 10 different nibs, ink refills and multi liners
as well as a unique air brushing option.

Colour Range

There are 358 colours to choose from including 48 grey tones.

Copic markers are made in Japan and
are the highest quality alcohol markers.
The unique brush nibs are individually handmade. Since the inception of Copic
more than 25 years ago, not a single
colour has been discontinued, ensuring
artists have precise colour consistency.



Copic are ideal for all art and craft applications including illustration, design, manga, fashion, animation, graphics, papercraft and more. Copic are suitable for a wide variety of surfaces such as paper, wood, fabric, glass and more.




All 358 colours are available as
markersas well as alcohol inks. The
alcohol inks are vibrant and designed
to blend seamlessly. The alcohol inks
can be used on their own for mixed
mediaand ink projects. A bottle of ink
will refill a marker between 5-9 times.

Air Brush

Copic also offers a unique air brush system which is compatible with the Copic Classic and Sketch Markers. 



The Copic marker system has a marker
to suit your needs. Whether you choose
to use the brush nib in the Ciao or Sketch range or you prefer the fine point nib in the Copic Classic Marker -  we are sure you will love the result. Start your collection today!