How do I use the Copic Colourless Blender?

The Copic colourless Blender is available as both a marker and liquid ink.

Copic Colourless Blender Marker is commonly used for:

  • Adding Highlights
  • Lightening areas/fading to white
  • Fixing Mistakes
  • Special Effects & Patterns
  • Diluting ink colours or moving ink for alcohol ink art

Fixing Mistakes

When fixing mistakes and removing colour outside your line drawings it is best to push the colour back by gently applying the colourless blender marker to the edge of the colour you are trying to remove. The colour will slowly move.



Highlights/Fade to White

When applying colourless blender over the top of a marker colour it will lighten the shade and remove the colour to some extent to create highlights or a fade to white effect.



Creating Patterns and Special Effects

Unique patters can be created by applying the colourless blender over a marker colour. The more colourless blender you apply the more colour will be removed. You may need to go over an area several times to achieve your desired result.  Special effects like texture can also be added by applying colourless blender ink to fabric such as a washcloth and then applying the soaked fabric over the coloured marker area.



Alcohol Ink Art

Colourless blender liquid ink can also be used to dilute colours or to move the ink around when working with alcohol ink art for example on Yuppo Paper or ink jet film. To create special effects use a straw to blow the colourless blender ink on the page.



What Copic Colourless Blender refills are available?

Refill ink for the Copic Colourless blender is available in both the standard 12ml bottle and in a large 200cc bottle. If you use your blender pen frequently, it is more cost effective to get the larger bottle.


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