Copic Gasenfude Brush Pen Black

Product Code: CGFB

Give yourself a full range of line widths with Gasenfude (gas-en-fu-day), Copic's NEW high-quality, genuine nylon brush pen. The long, flexible bristle nib allows for creating a dry-brush effect while the super fine point allows for detailed work. Fill in large areas quickly but still move with precision without having to switch to a different pen. These features make this the ideal pen for hand lettering, calligraphy, comic art, doodling, or traditional brush art application.

  • Archival
  • 9mm long bristles
  • Waterbased, black pigment ink
  • Sturdy, genuine nylon bristles
  • 3.1mm diameter at brush base
  • Super fine point for detail work 
  • Long, flexible bristles for dry-brush effects
  • Copic compatible ink (will not bleed with Copic markers)