Copic Airbrushed Zen Card

Today I thought it might be a nice idea to create something low stress and relaxing, it only uses a few materials and you can change it up to create your very own version of 'zen' - the version I have created is tropical. Using the same basic technique, but changing the colours or the tree used, you can create a whole forest of zen scenic airbrushed projects.




Step 1: Print a silhouette image of a tree using a laser printer onto X-Press It Blending Card - this must be a laser printer and many Ink Jet printers use ink that is not Copic safe. I chose to print the palm tree off to one side.


Step 2: Begin with your darkest colour, in this case RV99, tear a scrap of paper large enough to cover your card and angle this to create a beach for the palm tree, I used an airbrush to apply the colour to the bottom left corner of my card.


Step 3: Switch to your lightest colour, YR61 - tear another piece of scrap paper to create a horizon line, using an airbrush add colour above and below to create sky and sea.


Step 4: Airbrush some of the blank space using a slightly darker shade - YR02.


Step 5: Use an airbrush and RV17 to continue filling in some of the white space, I applied this in blocks to some areas to create a hint of clouds.


Step 6: Begin layering the colours at this point to create depth.  Put the horizon mask back in place and use the airbrush to add YR04.


Step 7: A little more layering with RV25 - keep the horizon mask in place while using the airbrush to apply the colour so the line remains crisp.


Step 8: Switch back to your darkest colour RV99, tear another small strip of scrap paper and mask off most of your card - spray to create land off in the distance.


Using one of the colours that appear in your image, use the chisel tip of your Copic Marker (I used RV17), to edge a piece of folded card - this creates a complimentary border. Mount onto a piece of white card to act as a border and mount this onto your edged card base. Add embellishment and trace over with Molotow One4All white paint marker to make it pop.

And there you have it a tropical zen card, low stress, customise and create your own version of zen!

Back with more soon,


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