Are You Red-y for Christmas

 Hello Everyone! The festive season is upon us and I'm sure many of you are reaching for your REDS! The Red Family of the Copic colour wheel seems to scare many people as this vibrant, intense colour has a tendency to move outside of lines if the paper is a little oversaturated. Why does this happen? Red is made of large, dense dye particles that are too large to soak into the fibres of the paper when you add multiple layers. So how do you avoid red complications?


1. Work on an absorbent surface and have scratch paper under your work.

2. Use a paper that isn't too 'soft' to help prevent bleeding. X-Press It Blending Card is excellent.

3. Use less ink. Usually you blend by layering colours and blending in between layers. By soaking the paper colours usually blend well, but in the case of reds it also helps it move. You don't need to soak your paper.

4. Still having trouble? Try feather blending your colours as this technique also uses less ink.

5. Allow your base layers more time to dry before you add the darker colours. Paper can only hold so much ink before it bleeds, if it has a chance to dry then you can add more ink before it begins to bleed. (Don't allow it to dry completely or the colours won't blend!)

6. Avoid the edges! If you are still having trouble, be careful and don't colour up to the edges. The tutorial below is following this tip.



Step 1 - Stamp your image in Memento Tuxedo Black onto X-press It Blending Card and Copic colour with R32. Don't go all the way to the edge though, this will allow the ink a little room to move.


Step 2 - Lay down the next, slightly darker colour (in this case Copic R35) in the areas where the colour would be a bit deeper.


 Step 3 - Use a darker colour again to really deepen those shadowed areas. Here I've used Copic R39.


Step 4 - Lightly blend with Copic R35 and then R32, taking the colour out to the edge of the image (it's OK to leave a little white if you'd like a stronger highlight). If you feel you've lost the shading, you can always go in with your darkest colour again. I've added some Gold atyou Spica to the centre for a little Christmas sparkle!


 Some people prefer the 20's for Christmas Reds - in this example I've used R22, R24, R29, R59.


For this last sample, the colours of Copic R12, R14 and R17 give a lighter more scarlet look.

Posted By Kathy

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