2017 Copic Ambassadors

We’ve been blown away by our latest group of Australian Copic Ambassadors. Click on their photos to view their Instagram pages and stay tuned for a call out for our next group in the coming weeks!



Andy Hoven - Melbourne, Australia

When did you first start using Copic?
I started collecting Copic Markers in 2004, buying three at a time from my local artist supply store. My very first colours were YR04, E11 and C7. Since then, I’ve only fallen more in love with the brand, and have built up a solid collection.

Where do you Copic? 
Everywhere. At home, I use the Copic Sketch Markers to colour my illustrations, however, I always keep a small collection of Ciao Markers and Multiliners in my backpack so that I can sketch on the go. I never know when or where I’ll find inspiration, so it’s best to be prepared!

When you aren't Copic-ing, what do you do?
I work part-time for an Australian-owned fashion label, while taking freelance illustration jobs on the side. For my downtime, I love going out for brunch with friends, walking my dogs, reading graphic novels, and having movie nights.



Kat Young – Melbourne, Victoria

Why do you love Copic?
In my experience the products are always reliable, and they do exactly what I want and more, and they’re so much diversity to choose from. I also love that almost everything is refillable, that way I don’t have to stop in the middle of a creative moment and go out and buy a new pen when they run out, I just refill it and keep creating!

What are you favourite Copic products?
Of course I love my good ol’ Copic Sketch Markers, but recently I’ve developed an obsession with the Copic Multiliners (and the Multiliner SP’s) particularly the ‘wine’ colour *drools*

What is your favourite Copic Colour?
Oohhh, ‘Wine’ in the Multiliners for sure, but so hard to pick for the Markers, I have a few; RV95 (Baby Blossoms), E71 (Champagne), V25 (Pale Blackberry), and BV20 (Dull Lavender)  



Jack Grayson - Geelong, Victoria

Why do you love Copic?
I love Copic for so many reasons. The range of colours that they offer makes colouring easy, because if there’s something that you want to colour, it’s near guaranteed that there is a marker to do it with! Not only that, but the massive range makes them very collectable, and it’s always exciting to add some new colours to my collection every now and again. They’re refillable, so you don’t have to buy new ones every few weeks, and they look really nice displayed in their cases on my desk. They also colour in a really unique way with solid, vibrant colours that can blend together seamlessly and look amazing on the page.

What do you do if you are in a creative rut?
I draw! I find that there’s no better way to get out of a creative rut than by simply creating. Getting the juices flowing again can be as simple as sketching a couple of characters, so I just sit down and make stuff until I’m ready to dive in and get creative again.

What is your favourite Colour Combo?
My goodness there’s almost too many to choose from! I tend to work more with environments and shades, so I always love combining different tones of the same colour to create some depth. Reds like R35, R37, and R39 look fantastic when put together and a combination of YG91, YG93, YG95 and YG99 makes for a great Olive Green palate. In terms of a colour combo though, I love a combination of magenta and a golden yellow, RV19 and Y38 are perfect for this.



Erin Hunting - Melbourne, Victoria

When did you first start using Copic?
Way back in 2006 when I saw some folks playing with them online. I started off with some simple shading before I quickly found my confidence to go full colour. I still remember that exciting feeling of seeing my work in colour since my work was all pretty much black and white inks before then.

Why do you love Copic?
I have used many and varied markers and pens and I have found that Copic not only stock the very best colours within their marker range, they are also of the best and highest quality with both their markers and pens. I also like that Copic is constantly evolving and bringing out different and assorted art products too.

What do you if you are in a creative rut?
I will try loose sketching in my sketchbook and if that does not work I will most likely browse Instagram and Twitter for inspiration or my many art books that I have in my studio.



Dina Reymann - originally from Germany, now living in Hobart, Tasmania

How would you describe your artwork?
"My artwork style is a mix between comic and illustration. Some people call it cute! Which I think it is sometimes. I like to try different styles. Sometimes a mix between more realistic images and a tiny bit of comic style. Sometimes just cute and definitely not realistic."

What are you favourite Copic products?
Definitely Copic Sketch Markers! I love the brush tip and the design of the Sketch Marker.
They rest comfortably in the hand and they are available in ALL Copic colours. I also have a
few Copic Ciao Markers which I also really like too.

Where do you Copic?
Everywhere! On my bed, on the floor, when I am sitting on the couch, on my desk, on the
balcony, in the airplane, in a café, at the beach!



Andrew Cox – Perth, WA

What is your Favourite Copic product?
My favorite products are definitely Copic Classic and Sketch markers. I like having the option of 2 different size tips. X-press It blending card is a must to compliment the markers.

What is your favourite Copic Colour?
My Favorite Copic colour would have to be BG15 Aqua. It seems to be the color that goes with everything I draw. My favorite colour combo would have to be every bright colour I can get in to one drawing. Teal/aqua colours with a bright pink I find pretty cool for making a picture stand out.

What do you do when you are not Copic-ing?
When I'm not Copic-ing I like to get tattooed and meet tattooists, watch funny movies, play golf, kayak pretty much anything. If I'm in a creative rut, I usually like to watch something funny on Netflix, or some classic Simpsons. That always gets the ideas going!

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