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Today we are having a quick look at using Copic Various Inks on glossy or coated cardstock. There are a myriad of great ideas that combine these 2 products, today we will look at the two most basic - applying ink to card using a foam applicator - both with and without Copic Colourless Blending Solution.



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With just a few basic tools you can create gorgeous various ink (alcohol ink) backgrounds using a foam sponge and glossy or coated card.

STEP 1: To begin, cut your piece of card to size. Then add colour using a sponge applicator and assorted colours of Copic Various Ink. You will achieve the best results by using no more than 3 colours at a time.

For the first background I have chosen Copic Various Inks RV23 and RV17, I have added about 5-6 drops of each colour to the applicator sponge, notice how the drops don't touch.

STEP 2: I have then 'stamped' the sponge all over my background card (glossy side facing up) and continued until the whole card is covered in colour. At first it looks a little spotty, but as you continue stamping your ink over the card, the spots begin to blend together and your finished piece should look something like this. You can re apply more ink to your sponge if it begins to get dry or if you are covering a larger piece of card (this was just a small piece)

STEP 3: For my second background I have used Copic Various Inks RV17, RV23, RV55 as well as the Copic Colourless Blending Solution. Begin by adding 5 drops of each Various ink colour to the applicator sponge, stamp onto the glossy side of your cardstock until it is covered with colour.


STEP 4: Without cleaning or changing the foam, add a few drops of Colourless Blending Solution to the foam - the more you add the greater the reaction with the colour on the card, too much and you can wash out the colour! Stamp over the coloured glossy card, the blending solution will move the ink about and create windows and patterns.

As you can see when you place both backgrounds side by side, adding the Blending Solution creates a vastly different look to your background.  You can use these backgrounds on cards, stamp onto the surface, die cut into shapes to use as embellishments or even use these as journaling cards!

STEP 5: I have cut a heart from each background, stamped and embossed a design on each and used a black Copic Multi Liner to add extra hand drawn details. I've used my Copic Markers to colour a stamp and have stamped onto an X-Press It Mixed Media Square (more information on stamping with your Copics here), and mounted the hearts using X-Press It Double Sided Foam Tape.

When you combine all the elements, the result is a vibrant and unique Valentine's Day card.

I hope these two basic ways to use Copic Various Inks on glossy card have given you a few new ideas, or reignited the desire to try out techniques you haven't used for a while!

Posted by Kate

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