Kirarina 2win & WiNK Pens

Kirarina 2win & WiNK Pens are a popular Japanese brand of art products. The range is perfect for taking your projects to the next level by adding a burst of colour.


  • Kirarina 2win are double ended markers that offer a light and dark shade of each color and include a wide nib and a fine nib. 2win is the perfect tool for doodling, journaling and day planner art.  And for an extra WOW these pens are scented, lots of fun!
  • Kirarina WiNK is a multi-purpose pen that is compatible with a variety of surfaces including paper, photos, plastic and glass. The metallic ink allows you to add touches of color on dark surfaces, and I especially like the fluidity of these pens, never any problem with keeping the flow consistent thanks to their high quality.

So why not take simple pens and bring colourful backgrounds to life for your cards.

Option A-Step 1:  Use Kirarina 2win markers to bring a white piece of card to life, start with a diagonal line across the card with the wide nib.

Option A-Step 2:  Continue with diagonal lines alternating between the wide and fine nibs, and across the colour palette.

Tip: Clean the side of your ruler with a wet towel as you go to stop the colours blending or transferring with the next colour.

Option A-Step 3:  Keep the lines heading in the same direction alternating the number and thickness of lines as you go to achieve a rainbow effect background.


Option B-Step 1:  Use the Kirarina WiNK markers to bring a piece of black card to life. Use the same starting point with diagonal lines, but mix it up so that there is more space between the colours. The WiNK markers are metallic and add a lovely shine to dark card.

Option B-Step 2:  Let the WiNK markers dry on top of the card stock and then mix the pattern up by cross-hatching the coloured lines to build a tartan like background. 

Use the backgrounds as a whole piece, or create an opening with a die cut. Colour in your images with the Kirarina markers as well to tie the colours of your design together.

If I am looking for a pen I always head to a Japanese brand and the Kirarina pens in both 2win and WiNK add lots of options to your creative arsenal. This project is simply stamps, ink, plain card and Kirarina markers!

Posted by Edna.

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