Copic Opaque White



Today we are looking at Copic Opaque White. Copic Opaque White is an amazing no-bleed completely opaque water-based white paint. It is wonderful to add the final touches to your Copic coloured images, but can be used with other art materials as well. With Copic Opaque White you no longer need to worry about leaving white space when colouring or painting, the no-bleed formula will retain its brilliant white appearance over ANY surface. So you can forget those gel pens that end up being tinted by the colour below, put away the white highlighting pencil - Copic Opaque White is the only product you will need for beautiful opaque white effects.


          NEW bottle with fine tip applicator brush!

Copic Opaque White is a wonderful multi-use product and now that it is available in either a jar or a bottle, the ways you can use this have multiplied! The most common uses are:

Glistening eyes - you can see that the Copic Opaque White creates a beautiful reflection adding the glisten to eyes.



Reflections on water - I love how Kathy has used the Opaque White here to add movement to the water.


Highlights on objects - Kathy has used small amount of Copic Opaque White to make these berries look plump and fresh.



Decoration - in this image I have used the Copic Opaque White to create a brilliant white central word, the stark white really makes it pop against the colourful background.



Testing Opaque White Over Different Surfaces

One of the main claims of Copic Opaque White is that it will allow you to add completely untinted, opaque colour over the top of any surface - this is a bold claim, so I thought I would test it using Copic Markers and some common coloured surfaces for colour bleeding or tinting top layers of ink/paint. On each square I coloured the X-Press It Blending Card with a colour that would usually tint white products, I drew a leaf with lines of varying thickness (to test the opacity on normal and fine lines) then I added a large blob of paint that would take a while to dry - usually guaranteed to absorb colour from layers below. This is how the tests went:


  • Copic Opaque White over Copic Markers  - clean very opaque lines both thick and fine, appears very white even on the smallest of dots, no bleeding of colour, also no colour transfer on the larger blob of paint. 


  • Copic Opaque White over Pastels - clean very opaque lines both thick and fine, no transfer of colour while adding the colour with the brush, no bleeding of colour, also no colour transfer on the larger blob of paint.



  • Copic Opaque White over Watercolours - clean very opaque lines both thick and fine, no bleeding of colour, also no colour transfer on the larger blob of paint.


  • Copic Opaque White over Ink Sprays - this was the one I was sure would have some colour transfer, but as you can see, there are only clean very opaque lines, no bleeding of colour, also no colour transfer on the larger blob of paint.


The Copic Opaque White really does remain crisp and white over a variety of surfaces (even difficult ones), no matter how long the drying time or how thick or fine the lines.



  • Do NOT colour over the Opaque White with your Copic markers (or any markers) as it will ruin the nib! The white pigment from used in the Opaque White will get into the fibres of the nib and clog it. Only add the Opaque White after you are completely finished colouring, this is the final step.
  • Your Copic Opaque White can be thinned with water, do not add the water direct to the bottle or jar, instead place a small amount of the Opaque White onto a non-porous surface and add a little water until you reach the desired consistency.  The more water you add the more you diluted the pigment, so the LESS opaque the paint will be.
  • Do not try to use the Opaque White to correct colouring mistakes - as you cannot colour over this product.  Apart from the fact that it will ruin your nib, it also absorbs ink differently than the surrounding paper, so will look patchy and awful!
  • Copic Opaque White is lightfast, acid-free and completely opaque on all surfaces (when undiluted)
  • The fine tip applicator brush produces fine crisp lines, much finer than possible when using a paint pen and is great for creating tiny or detailed lines.
  • Because you need so little product the one small jar or pot of Copic Opaque White will last a very long time.
  • Clean up is simple - as warm water is all you will need!

 Back with more soon,


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