Copic Ambassador Program


The aim of the Copic Ambassador program is to feature talented Australian and NZ Copic users from various industries (ie. Fashion, design, illustration, papercraft etc.) We are excited to announce that we will have a new team for the second half of 2017, to give another group of passionate Copic artists the opportunity to share their work with the Australian and New Zealand Copic Community.


We are looking for artists who:

• Demonstrate a variety of creative talent and inspirational projects
• Artists who are already using and committed to The Copic Brand
• Use Copic and affiliated products in their everyday work (showing finished work but also product images eg. product in use)
• Regularly engage on social media platforms including Instagram, facebook and Youtube
• Use of short videos clips (showcasing our products in use to create art) is an advantage

If you love sharing your passion for Copic on social media, then we want to hear from you! To register your interest in becoming an ambassador, click here.


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19/12/2016 1:37 PM
Hi Copic,

I would love to be consider for the Copic Ambassador program. I am a full time graphic designer living in Sydney that works on personal pieces every chance I get. I have an Instagram account under symon_redd where I post picture of my work in progress, supplies and finish pieces, with my Copic sketch markers heavily use in most of my works. My main focus this year has been to improve my art and drawing ability, with plans to launch a Youtube channel in the new year. I would love to get my work out there and help spread the Copic brand!

Regards, Symon
20/12/2016 10:40 PM
This is an awesome idea and i'd love to be part of it. I already use copics everyday and upload Wip's as i go. I will be getting a better camera this week to make video etc
21/12/2016 1:39 AM
This is the challenge I needed to come out of my cave and participate. Copics are my go to. I have only been enticed to emerge to play and create seeing the creations enhanced by the cooic range. Very exciting
21/12/2016 1:51 PM
Dear Copic Australia,
I would love to join the Ambassador program, alas my family dont really make enough money to buy copics, though i have saved up for 6 and have bought them already, would that be enought to enter?
23/12/2016 10:20 AM
I would love the opportunity to become an ambassador for a company that prouduces quality tools. In my opinion, working with copics would not only advance my illustration talent and give me a wonderful opportunity, but it would allow the brand itself to get the recognition that it deserves. I am an avid social media poster with an Instagram dedicated to my pieces under the name: d0odle_bug
I am also working on getting a website up and running which will sell my prints, tee shirts and more.
As an artist in this day and age, sometimes our work can be frowned upon. But it is my belief that hard work and dedication can and will pay off.
25/12/2016 10:46 PM
Hi there, I'm a social media artist, who was. Raw Sydney Artist this December.
I'm a contemporary illustrator, with a graphic design/ grafetti style to my work.
I only do surreal and things out of my head.
I have been using copic markers since my first year of uni 2007, I adore them, and particularly love the airbrush kit
That is used with the copic markers.
I haven't bought any in a while as I've been fulltime studying and finances don't allow gorgeous markers at this point.
I can be found under - TwinkleRst.
I have facebook, instagram, tumblr, twitter and youtube and usually post every few days.
I would love to be considered for this position.
I have been doing some brand ambassdor work with an Australian Nailpolish company for my nailart page this year - TwinkleRstNails, so I do have some experience.
Thankyou for your time .

TwinkleRst (Rachael)
5/01/2017 4:57 PM
I would love to become an  ambassador for Copic markers
25/01/2017 12:08 AM
Truthfully I was so extremely excited to find this opportunity and quickly went to send my details in. Unfortunate though, upon selecting a state.. Tasmania wasnt there!! Isn't tassie part of Australia any more?

I'm so sad about this!!
19/04/2017 2:40 AM
I want to become an ambassador but i am based in Nigeria. Help! I am committed to Copics! I draw everyday, check out my instagram please.
6/07/2017 9:02 PM
Hi guys. I would lose my mind over the opportunity to be a Copic Ambassador. I authentically love your markers - and use them everyday. You will see on my Instagram that I already tag your products weekly - because I believe they've helped me take my work to the next level- I'm so grateful. Once introduced to me last year, I've used nothing else ....even on my wood pieces. See @brittmorganart . Additionally, I'm an art educator of 10 years and it's insane what you've helped my high school students achieve - see @morganstudentart. This year, I'm talking a sabbatical to work on my art, exclusively with your travel case stocked with markers, focusing dominantly on Australian wildlife- while I live in a Troopy and drive around all of Australia. I hope I'm not coming on too strong but I just got so excited! Hope you like my work and I'm your ambassador either way! Thank you for the products you make! Xoxo
7/07/2017 7:16 AM
Hi Copic, what an amazing opportunity! my name is Amanda Toner and I am a professional tattoo artist/illustrator from New Zealand. I love the copic marker brand and do all my illustration and commission work with my copic pens. I have a huge deication to the brand and being a copic Ambassador would be so incredible for me! My instagram is amandajtoner if you would like to see any of my copic work. My email is thankyou!
3/08/2017 9:31 PM
I only use copics, have grown rapidly in followers on Instagram and always hashtag copics. To date ,I've bought almost exclusively from suburbia Brisbane though I live in NSW. I offer much free advice to my followers about copics and I have sold many artworks. I have had some very successful video clips on Instagram- 27,oo0 views for one of them.
I'm interested in your offer!
Best regards, Cassy Lyttle @cassylyttleart
1/09/2017 12:18 AM
When will this blog be updated?
29/10/2017 2:39 PM
Hi Copic, I would love to be an ambassador
28/01/2018 11:53 PM
Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity.  I love my copic markers and use them everyday.
My passion is to create projects that make people happy as well help inspire people to create.
Thanks again for this opportunity.
1/07/2018 2:23 PM
I'm a 16 year old artist who recently saved all that I could to get my first ever 72 set of copic ciao markers. My family doesn't care about art as much as I do so I rarely get art supplies for Christmas or birthday. They don't allow me to buy them with my own money so I rely on commissions to fund which is draining and doesn't help with school
I have an art page and absolutely adore your product
22/10/2018 2:33 PM
I'm a 29 year old illustrator, architect and graphic designer. Living in Sydney. My instagram account is @notwelcome where I'm doing since a year a Disney Villain collection (from my own style)with Copic Sketch and Markers. I'ce been published many times in the Copic Marker Official Site but it will be awesome to become an ambassador!!!!
22/10/2018 4:52 PM
Hi @notwelcome, Thank you for your interest in becoming a Copic ambassador. Make sure you keep following @copicmarkerau for updates. Happy Copic-ing!